Online Skype Therapy Hallin mental Care

Online Skype Therapy Hallin mental Care

If you’ve been looking for online skype therapy, you’re probably still wondering if this is right for you, or if it’s really a viable way to start treatment.

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There are studies which already show that online therapy is very effective. The convenience of online therapy also makes it a lot easier for people to start therapy who might not otherwise.

What is an online therapy service?

It is not a type of treatment in itself but a way of delivering  a counselling or psychotherapy service over the Internet, using communication programs like Skype to provide online counselling, or what some people call Skype therapy has been growing in popularity for some time.

With this online service you can talk to a therapist over the Internet using….



We treat patients from different continents and every time this modality of contacting your specialist, is more popular, as well as economic, having of course, the absolute guarantee that said online therapy is carried by professionals who carry in a center like ours, Open for more than 16 years.

Psychology and Psychiatry Online with Skype

Trust, the feeling that you can trust me as a person and as a psychotherapist, is essential so that I can really help you.

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